A Guide to Choosing an SEO Company in Warrington for Local SEO

Have you spent countless hours making changes to your site in an attempt to increase its organic rankings yet you don’t seem to make any progress? This situation can prove to be frustrating for any business owner. Sometimes, it may even seem like your competitor is outranking you with worse content. What is it that you’re missing? Even if you have plenty of experience in SEO, you may need to hire a SEO company to reach your goals. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best local SEO company in Warrington.

1) Explains the strategy in a way you understand

While there are many Warrington SEO providers, you’ll find that not all of them can be trusted. This applies in particular to companies that make it seem impossible to understand what they’re talking about. They might use some fancy words or talk about their “secret formula” which would magically bring your website to the top of the first page. This a red flag. One of the first things to observe is whether the company explains everything to you in a way that you understand. Also, take note if they respond to your questions or they simply beat around the bush.

SEO2) Knows the difference between local and organic SEO strategies

One of the reasons why you might be failing with your campaigns is that you apply organic SEO strategies when you want a boost in local SEO. When choosing a company, ask them what local SEO is about and how it differs from organic SEO. Basically, local SEO is more specific. You’d want to rank for specific keywords with an emphasis on location. But of course, any reputable provider would find relevant keywords to help you get a placement in the Google Map local pack.

3) Shares the importance of Google reviews

Did you know that Google reviews are the most important ranking factor if you want to improve your local SEO? Google understands that the businesses with relevant and high-quality reviews deserve higher rankings in the search listings. But this isn’t a number’s game. What’s more important is the things that the reviewers say about your business. The SEO company you hire should have a concrete action plan to help you earn more Google reviews and thus, higher local rankings.

4) Includes citations in their strategy

Citations continue to play a critical role in any local SEO strategy. Every time your business name, address, and phone number appears on a website, that’s considered a local citation. It’s similar to backlinks in that they act like “votes” for your website. But again, focus on getting quality citations. The SEO provider should tell you how important it is to set up your Google My Business account properly and then use your NAP consistently for all citations.

Take time to interview at least three local SEO agencies in Warrington. This gives you the best chance of comparing their knowledge and experience. If you find one that ticks all the boxes, then you may be well on your way to finally outranking the competition in the local SERP.