Why Do Web Designers Recommend SEO To Warrington Clients?

People go online to seek different types of information and that means that your company requires a strong online presence. Most users need to perform searches before making a purchase. Therefore, your business needs a website that will be ranked on Google’s SERPs. Websites represent companies and can determine if users will be receptive to them.

The Search Results

Although having a website is essential, for it to help your business become more successful, it has to be visible in search results whenever searches are performed using specific keywords. That is depending on the tendency of people to search based on what they’re looking for, e.g. product or service.

Typically, websites that don’t appear on the first page of Google’s SERPs may be considered as non-existent among online users. That is why you have to ensure that your website ranks highly for particular keywords such that search engines place your site comparatively higher than other competitors who are associated with the same keywords. In general, SEO includes many factors and has a significant role in web design.

Significance of SEO

SEO and web design work together and many web designers are opting to integrate SEO while designing websites. Business owners need to understand how significant SEO is in web design and the value it brings to the design process.

Generally speaking, a web design that’s SEO-compatible is likely to attract more traffic. Although a website might be dazzling and attractive, if it’s not search-engine friendly, you limit the ability of major search engines to locate your content.

In case your website content isn’t readily accessible to these search engines, it won’t have a high ranking in the SERPs. Integrating SEO properly in your web design involves aspects such as content, linking, navigation, and technology.

Visual Appeal & Ranking

Great web designers understand the significance of developing attractive websites with SEO in mind. Generally, SEO allows your site to have a better ranking on the web. Therefore, when users search for products/services that are available on your website, they can see it immediately they type in the keywords.

If your website has a higher ranking, your site might have more clicks. You must draw more traffic to your website since the individuals who visit your site might become your customers.

The Overall Design

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Your home page’s design is also essential since it is the first impression of your website and company that your visitors have. Proper web design should always leave a positive and lasting impression. It would be prudent to have a clutter-free and clean home page that won’t cause your visitors to leave immediately they log on.

What’s more, you should consider other factors such as the overall design, colours, users and search engine friendliness, navigation, and the sizes of your images. Responsive design is a common concept since it entails designing for different devices. SEO practices/methods continue to evolve with the steady advancements in technology and the overall increase in online visitors.


As of now, web designers have access to more options and technology than they did, and this is clear in the overall advancement in web designing. When you design your website, it would be prudent to ensure that the user is always a priority since this aids to determine SEO rankings. That is depending on different technicalities and makes it essential to prioritize the end-user in the design process.

Undoubtedly, web design is beneficial for search engines, businesses, and customers when it isn’t complex or overwhelming. Furthermore, it should lead to content and links that users need while allowing businesses the opportunity to reach more people.