What Does an SEO Company in Warrington Do?

Do you keep hearing about search engine optimisation but you still don’t know what it’s all about? If you said yes, then you’re definitely not alone. Plenty of people are clueless about SEO, let alone what an SEO company in Warrington actually does. Sure, you might know that this is all about increasing your organic rankings. But do you know all the things that go on behind the scenes? In this article, you’ll learn the role of an SEO company Warrington and how all businesses can benefit from SEO.

SEO Company in WarringtonUnderstanding SEO

First, it’s important to gain a clearer understanding of what SEO is. It stands for search engine optimisation, which involves the use of on-page and off-page strategies to increase your online visibility through search engine results pages. Every time someone uses Google or other search engines and enters keywords relevant to your business, you’d want to appear on the first page. This isn’t something that magically happens without any effort on your part.

It’s interesting to learn that 93% of all online experiences start with the use of search engines. Just imagine prospective customers typing relevant queries on Google right now. If you’re not using SEO, then these customers are probably visiting the websites of your competitors. This is where a Warrington SEO company comes in. SEO experts can help optimise your website to give you a higher chance of ranking on the first page.

Nearly all search engine users only see the websites listed on the first page. And half of them click on the first three results only. This means that you need to do an excellent job of optimising your website to get a decent number of targeted visitors. If your web pages aren’t ranking in the first page, then you’d definitely benefit from the services of reputable SEO agency in Warrington.

SEO Audits in Warrington

The first thing that an SEO company does is an SEO audit. This is a process in which the different elements of your website are evaluated including content quality, website security, website structure, page load speed, social signals, and quality backlinks. Google users over 200 ranking factors, and nobody other than Google itself knows all of them. But SEO companies draw from their experience and come up with strategies that put you in position to get better online visibility.

Your website structure is analysed thoroughly, identifying any weak points that could hurt your ranking potential. An SEO provider fixes site errors, improves site security, creates a sitemap, optimises meta elements, and checks for indexed pages.

On-page SEO

When it comes to on-page SEO, your content is the biggest determining factor. The company looks at your target keywords, content length, and content quality. As you know, content plays a crucial role in your site’s ability to rank. The company should help you set up an effective content marketing plan that helps you deliver the right message while convincing visitors to do the action you want.

Off-page SEO is also essential in SEO campaign. The SEO agency checks the quantity and quality of your backlinks. Acquiring backlinks is difficult, at least if you’re aiming for links from authoritative and relevant sources. An SEO company in Warrington sets up a backlink strategy to increase the number and quality of links pointing back to your site, thus boosting its ranking potential.